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Recently we completed an order for Joshua at Tasman Group for a Project he was working on in Gladstone.

After much conversation and with Joshua’s detailed concept, the final design included our rotating outrigger arms together our Certified Fall Arrest Safety Nets.

We were able to turn the project around is a speedy time frame, as we have all the qualified personal in factory to complete the works, our arms are welded inhouse by our very own Nathan, who is a Qualified Welder.

There were 5 Fall Arrest nets in total, including a custom shaped net, used internally. All nets are made to the EN Standard 1263-1:2014, using our high-quality BLUE UV Treated Polypropylene 100mm x 100mm x 5mm netting, overstitched with our BLUE Fire-Retardant debris mesh. The combination of the materials, even the smallest construction debris.

This project called for 3m long arms; however, we do have the option for slight variance.

Due to the angel of the arm together with the calculated sag that allows for the maximum strength of the nets, should anything and/or anyone fall, they will be directed into the internal net, where there is safe access to retrieve said items and/or personal.

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