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About Fall Arrest Safety Nets

Fall Arrest Safety Nets is an Australian owned and operated business. We are renowned for our quality and service and are the market leaders in our field. We specialise in manufacturing safety netting systems that we then freight throughout Australia and worldwide.

Our professional, experienced and friendly team provide over 30 years of experience in meeting the needs of our clients. This includes ensuring effective and efficient safety solutions designed to meet OHS legislative requirements.

Safety is paramount to industries that have employees and contractors that are working at heights. The best investment companies can make is in systems that protect their workers and the public from injury.

We supply

We are committed to designing and manufacturing high quality safety netting products. Our warehouse is equipped with the machinery to respond constantly to the challenges facing companies in providing a SAFE WORKING AT HEIGHT environment for their employees or contractors. The benefit we offer to our customers is that we can supply a cost effective and quick delivery of safety netting systems, custom made and manufactured in Australia.

We provide assistance with custom made and site specific safety net design and planning needs, fall prevention and project work at height plan. We also run training courses on the correct installation of these nets.

Fall Arrest Safety netting is REUSABLE easy to uninstall and can be relocated to a new job site which ELIMINATES the need for safety scaffolds and most importantly EASY to handle and store.

Fall Arrest Systems are designed to assist companies to manage any risks that arise when working at heights. A risk assessment of the work site area is a priority as this assessment will outline any areas where risks of falling is likely to cause injury and therefore will need to be managed accordingly. Companies must provide adequate protection that minimizes the risk of falls.

Fall Arrest Safety Nets are the market leaders in specialist access and safe netting systems.

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