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Fall Arrest Safety Nets


Horizontal safety nets are used as safety protection in building and assembly works. They act as a device to prevent people or objects falling while constructing buildings, warehouses, bridges, etc.
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A platform safety net is installed beneath elevated work areas to catch falling debris and prevent injuries. It ensures the safety of workers below by providing a reliable barrier that captures objects and minimises the risk of accidents.
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A safety fan net is a protective device used in construction to prevent falling debris from injuring workers or pedestrians below. Installed around a building's perimeter, it catches and absorbs the impact of falling objects, ensuring site safety.
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Protective safety nets are used in construction to catch falling debris and prevent injuries. Installed below work areas, it ensures safety by catching objects and preventing accidents on site.
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Why Choose Fall Arrest Safety Nets?

We manufacture and supply nets for all safety applications that involve WORKING AT HEIGHTS, lifting, loading, covering, protecting and securing.  Examples include: safety nets, pallet racks, load carrying nets, cargo catch nets, fall arrest nets and barrier nets which fulfil all the requirements required by the industry standards.

The benefit to our customers is that we can SUPPLY fall arrest safety catch nets and working at height protection that designed specifically for your exact requirements.

Safety Netting Specialists

We are specialists in the manufacturing of made to measure;

Safety Nets
Fall Protection
System Safety Fan Nets
Walk on Platform Nets
Barrier Nets
Bridge Safety Nets
Dam Safety Nets and
Manhole Cover nets.

Outstanding service in consultation, design and manufacturing the right safety nets for the project at hand.

Our expertise and many years of experience allows us to manufacture safety netting according to our clients’ requests, applying rope thickness parameters, mesh diameter, colour or shape.

Our expert team have the ability and the commitment to look at your individual safety needs and work out a strategy accordingly.

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