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Mining Nets

Fall Arrest Safety Nets focuses on meeting client needs through the design and manufacture of fall arrest safety net systems that address real life project needs and constraints.

Fall Arrest Systems are designed to assist companies manage any risks that arise when working at heights as falls are the single leading cause of accidents, injuries and fatalities in the workplace environment.

Safety nets are widely used in the building, commercial and mining industries.

Why Safety Nets?

  • to catch people (fall arrest)
  • a safety system for working at heights
  • a safety product that meets particular standards

Working at Heights

  • Working Platform Nets – walk on nets working at heights
  • System Safety Fan Netting – edge protection
  • System S Safety Net for horizontal use
  • System U Safety Net for vertical use – prevent fall from open edge
  • System Safety Fan Nets –perform several functions during the building process, not only forming an effective fall arrest system for the workforce, but also protecting pedestrians and workers from falling objects and debris.

We also offer Protective Safety Nets for:

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