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Safety Fan Nets

Safety Fan Nets

Safety Net Fan
What is a Safety net fan

Safety Fan Nets

A Safety Fan Nets for use on buildings

The safety fan nets is the latest innovation in building protection. It is ideally suited to compact, inner city locations where space can be limited and the protection of people and property is essential.

General Characteristics:

  • Safety Net EN Standard 1263-1
  • Utilises Class B1 net
  • High tenacity polypropylene
  • UV stabilised
  • Mesh dimensions: 60mm x 60mm mesh with a 20mm x 20mm debris net
  • Catches, absorbs and contains debris from a height of 6m
  • The elasticity of the net together with a slight deformation of the frame ensures that items do not bounce out
  • The combined layers of the net can catch smaller debris
  • The fan can be folded in to retrieve fallen objects
  • Absorbs up to 4.4kJ of energy
  • Can be easily repositioned
  • 3 test meshes attached to each net for yearly safety testing