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Fall Arrest Safety Nets

safety nets fall protection
100mm x 100mm
fall safety net
60mm x 60mm

A Fall Arrest Safety Nets for Horizontal Use

Horizontal safety nets are used as safety protection in building and assembly works. They act as a device to prevent people or objects falling while constructing buildings, warehouses, bridges, etc. General Characteristics:
  • Safety Net EN Standard 1263-1
  • Class A2 net [100mm], Class B1 net [60mm]
  • 30KN border rope passed through exterior meshes of the net
  • High tenacity polypropylene
  • UV stabilised
  • Mesh dimensions: 100mm x 100mm or 60mm x 60mm
  • Mesh thickness: 5mm
  • Light weight: 210g/m2 [100mm x 100mm] or 320g/m2 [60mm x 60mm]
  • Knotless design with high energy absorption
  • Minimum breaking energy 2.3kJ (ISO 1806) – 100mm
  • Minimum breaking energy 4.4kJ (ISO 1806) – 60mm
  • 3 test meshes attached to each net for yearly safety testing
industrial safety nets
Fall Arrest Safety Net
fall protection nets
Fall Arrest Safety Net
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Fall Arrest Safety Net