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Cyclone Tie Down Nets

Cyclone nets are used widely throughout the construction, mining and agricultural industries to reduce cyclone hazards with the main purpose being to reduce loose flying objects and causing potential damage.

Tropical cyclones predominantly hit the Western side of Australia during the months from November to April and severe cyclones often cause widespread damage, injury and in some cases, loss of life.

Cyclones are dangerous and that is why we here at Fall Arrest Safety Nets offer quality, durable and reliable cyclone tie down safety nets, custom made to contain the objects at hand.

With our range of safety netting, our nets comply with industry standards and have passed the strictest controls to ensure the quality of our products.

When it comes to cyclone weather, you need to be prepared ……. plan ahead

One of our previous projects was on Barrow Island where our safety cyclone netting was used to cover loose scaffolding and construction items in preparation for category 5 cyclone weather.

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