Understanding Fall Protection & Fall Prevention on the Construction Job Site

Safety Net Fan

Safety of staff is an important element of any kind of building environment. The number 1 goal is to prevent injuries and/or loss of life. Job sites do present many unusual risks and challenges. A lot of them can be relieved by applying great safety and security actions, including fall prevention.

Fall Protection

In the event a person falls on a building site, you have to prevent a potentially tragic circumstance. This is where workers safety nets can come to the rescue. These safety systems are needed above particular heights, where various other methods, such as catch platforms, security lines, or safety belts, are not functional. Having a compliant and properly maintained safety netting option additionally boosts morale as well as effectively lowering insurance policy prices.

To fulfil required weight load requirements, personal safety netting is constructed from solid, durable material. At Fall Arrest Safety Nets, we make use of the highest strength industrial quality, high perseverance Nylon with 3-1/2 inch ruby mesh for high impact shock absorption. As an extra precaution, it is treated with a fire retardant. As certain work place activities, like grinding can produce sparks and risk ignighting into a fire.

Platform Netting

Fall Prevention

It would certainly be much better to stop falls from happening in the first area. At reduced heights, this can be achieved using an fall prevention system.

Fan nets and platform nets are ideally utilised here to capture a a person or prevent that person from falling. Fall protection netting can either be situated in a horizontal position or in a vertical position to close off the possibility of a fall.

The design is relatively simple. If somebody falls while effectively utilizing this safety method, the net avoids a fall by capturing the individual before they fall.

When it Comes to Safety and Security, There are No Shortcuts!

Fall arrest and also fall prevention are crucial on building and construction sites. Having a safety program in area is not an option it just simply must be included..

On job sites big or small, Safety Netting Solutions from Fall Arrest Safety Nets based on the Gold Coast, but supplying to businesses right around Australia, can help you to determine exactly what you require and how to implement the required safety netting.

Fall Arrest Safety Nets’s custom-crafted safety netting is Australian-made to your requirements. We can also assist with artificial slings, rounded slings, and tie‐downs, conveyor nets, skylight netting and cargo nets.

General Characteristics of our Safety Nets:

  • Safety Net EN Standard 1263-1
  • Class A2 net [100mm], Class B1 net [60mm]
  • 30KN border rope passed through exterior meshes of the net
  • High tenacity polypropylene
  • UV stabilised
  • Mesh dimensions: 100mm x 100mm or 60mm x 60mm
  • Mesh thickness: 5mm
  • Light weight: 210g/m2 [100mm x 100mm] or 320g/m2 [60mm x 60mm]
  • Knotless design with high energy absorption
  • Minimum breaking energy 2.3kJ (ISO 1806) – 100mm
  • Minimum breaking energy 4.4kJ (ISO 1806) – 60mm
  • 3 test meshes attached to each net for yearly safety testing

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