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Debris Net

Debris nets are installed to prevent the fall of debris from an open edges such as floors, roofs and stairs.

Falling debris from building sites can cause serious injury to workers, passing pedestrians and parked vehicles below. Installing our debris nets reduces your risk of harm in the workplace.

Debris nets are reusable and can be moved from site to site or floor to floor as work progresses.

Our nets are custom made to your requirements.

Debris nets can be various mesh sizes (10mm, 45mm, 60mm and 100mm). Adding debris liners provides a much superior strength which assists in the containment of heavy debris (e.g. concrete).

Our nets are manufactured from high tenacity UV stablised polypropylene.

Usage of Debris netting :

Debris nets can be attached vertically or horizontally and have different ways of attaching to a structure. This system is excellent for edge protection.