Mining Conveyor Belt Safety Nets

Mining debris falling above workers debris safety net

Over the last few weeks we have been manufacturing conveyor belt nets for McBryde Corporation Pty Ltd to ensure safety is paramount for workers in the coal mine.

Our conveyor belt safety nets have been installed along the conveyor belt to stop any coal from falling.

Here you will see our 60mm x 60mm green fall arrest conveyor safety nets installed underneath the conveyor belt and secured to the steel structures via tie ropes, spliced and
fitted with D Shackles for easy installation.

Notice net riggers securing the net via a knuckle boom. The red conveyor belt is fixed by tie ropes beneath the main conveyor belt to prevent large objects (pieces of coal) falling or being dislodged from the conveyor belt.   These large pieces of coal are prevented from falling on the pathway beneath and hitting pedestrians.


The benefits of installing a conveyor belt safety net is that these nets will cover an area that becomes dangerous for workers below from falling debris as in this case, falling coal.

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